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Long Flat Top Packs


Peg Length: 285mm

Shaft Diameter: 10mm

15mm Hex Socket & Velvet Bag Included


Strong Pegs

Made strong enough to be drilled into most (if not all) ground surfaces

Australian owned

Designed for the tough Australian outback by tough Australians outback adventurers

Lifetime Warranty

We provide a lifetime product warranty with normal use.


Compatible with all electric and cordless drills and impact drivers

About the Long Flat Top -

Take your camping game to the next level with our Long Flat Tops – an innovative alternative to our popular Hook Top Hex Pegs. These versatile Hex Pegs provide an alternative anchoring method for situations where a guy-rope, trace spring, or other attachment line is not needed.

They are perfect for use through "O" or "D" rings at the base of tents, annexes, or any other product that has an opening of 10mm or larger. Plus, with their durable and high-quality construction, you can rely on them to provide a secure hold, trip after trip. 



Whats Included - 

Each pack comes with the selected amount of pegs as-well as a complimentary 15mm hex socket & velvet bag 



Ease of use - 

Designed to be used with a cordless drill or impact driver which makes the setup and takedown process quick, easy & completely hassle free. Traditional camping pegs, on the other hand, require a lot of physical effort and can often take up alot more of your time than need be. With Hex Pegs, you can spend less time worrying about setting up your campsite and more time enjoying the great outdoors!



Strength & security - 

Our camping pegs are made with a unique threaded body that provides superior grip and stability within any ground type. Traditional camping pegs, however, simply can't provide the same level of security or stability for this reason. And let's not forget how easily they bend whenever you hammer them in!



Accessories & warranty -

When it comes to accessories for your camping equipment, Hex Pegs have you covered. All of our pegs also come with lifetime warranty, so you can trust that they'll last for years to come!


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