Strong Pegs

Made strong enough to be drilled into most (if not all) ground surfaces

Australian owned

Designed for the tough Australian outback by tough Australians outback adventurers

Lifetime Warranty

We provide a lifetime product warranty with normal use.


Compatible with all electric and cordless drills and impact drivers

For full specifications of both our Flat Top and Hook Top Hex Pegs, including height and weight, check out our products.

Why do I need Hex Pegs?

Essentially, Hex Pegs are easier to use and are far more efficient than traditional pegs. They go in easier, Grip a lot better whilst the're in the ground and come out of the ground easily when you want them to.

Do I need to carry a drill around to use Hex Pegs?

Yes. We've found that most people carry cordless tools with them for all sorts of reasons such as putting caravan stabiliser's up and down and conducting various repairs etc. Cordless tool technology is improving all the time and is durable, powerful, quite light and wo't break the bank either!

Are Hex Pegs Australian?

Yes. Hex Pegs are a 100% Australian Family Owned and Designed Company.

Why are there different lengths?

There are 2 different lengths of Hex Pegs- 285mm and 160mm. We've done this so that it increases the flexibility and broadens their scope of use. If you're setting up on a “normal” ground type with grass coverage or a softer ground type, we recommend using our longer Hex Pegs (285mm). Likewise, if you're trying to anchor down an object that may be subject to updraft such as a Gazebo, Shelter or Awning then we recommend using our longer Hex Pegs to increase the anchoring strength. If you're setting up on harder ground types and don't require the extra length of the longer Hex Pegs, then the shorter Hex Pegs (160mm) will work well! Likewise, if you wish to anchor down ground sheets, tent bases and anything else that won't require the extra anchoring capability the shorter Hex Pegs will be fine!

Can Hex Pegs be used with Trace Springs?

Yes. Trace Springs (which are the springs at the end of Guy ropes) will fit on our Hook Tops (see video on our Facebook Page) or can even be anchored underneath the head of our Flat Tops.

Do Hex Pegs work in sand or soft ground?

Yes. If it’s a compacted sand or a sandy based soil, our Long Hook Tops and Long Flat Tops will work. If it’s a soft sand or really wet, soft soil, our 400mm SandnSnow pegs are what you’ll need to use.

Do they work in very hard ground?

Yes. Hex Pegs have been made from quality materials and can be used with a hammer drill in hard ground types. If the ground is like rock and this is not successful, you can use an 8mm Masonry Drill bit (preferably 200mm long) to pre-drill pilot Holes prior to drilling in the Hex Pegs.

Do you ship everywhere in Australia and how long will it take for me to receive them?

Yes, we ship everywhere in Australia via AusPost. Shipping time frames can vary depending on where you want your order sent but you should receive your order within 5-7 business days of order date. If you want them faster, feel free to contact us on info@hexpegs.com.au to arrange Express Postage.

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