Hex Pegs Flat Top Drillable Tent Pegs


Flat Top Hex Pegs are a new design of our popular drillable tent pegs. Our flat top Hex Peg that offer an alternative anchoring method to the Hook Top drillable tent pegs. They’ve been designed to be used in any application where the Hook is not required to attach a Guyrope, Trace Spring or any other attachment line.

They can be used through “O” or “D” Rings at the base of Tents, Annexes or any other canvass product and through any opening that is at least 10mm in diameter.

Flat tops can be purchased on their own up to a maximum quantity of 30 per customer. You can also mix and match Flat Tops and Hook Tops to your liking by purchasing a bundle.

Peg Length: 285mm
Peg Weight (each): 200g
Hex Head: 15mm
Shaft Diameter: 10mm



Additional information

Weight .3 kg
Dimensions 28.5 × 6 × 8 cm