About Our Tent Pegs

Hex Pegs are a simpler, smarter type of camping peg that will make your life easier. By using our unique, drillable hex pegs, you will spend less time fiddling with traditional tent pegs and more time enjoying the great outdoors, whether it be in your tent, caravan or campervan!

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New SandnSnow pegs, Short Hook Tops and Short Flat Tops.

Peg Strength

Designed in Australia, Hex Pegs are threaded pegs that can easily be drilled into and out of the ground using any type of drill or impact driver. Forget the stress and effort of trying to bang in and pull out traditional tent pegs, Hex Pegs makes securing tents, annexes and shelters a breeze.

Hex Pegs are made of high quality steel and are extremely strong, capable of holding down heavy weights safely and securely. Take a look below to see just how strong our drillable tent pegs actually are!

For all terrain

The main body is threaded and incorporates a rubber grommet and stainless steel washer with a hook attachment for securing guy lines. These drillable tent pegs are made to last – and to make camping and caravanning easier, and more enjoyable.

Hex Pegs are compatible with many different types of terrain, and can also be used to secure tents, annexes and all types of shelters. Here’s another video that shows just how easy it is to drill our tent pegs into all different ground types. You’ll see just how easily, and quickly, our screw in tent pegs handle both soft and hard ground!

Flat tops

After the success of our classic hook Hex Peg, we are thrilled to now bring you a different option for your caravanning and camping needs. The recently released Flat Top Hex Peg brings the same ease of use and smart design, with a few differences to meet your needs.

Our new Flat Top Hex Pegs offer an alternative anchoring method to the classic Hook Tops. They’ve been designed to be used in any application where the Hook is not required to attach a Guyrope, Trace Spring or any other attachment line – see below for a demonstration!

Hex Peg drillable tent pegs with socket

Tent pegs that are just easier

Hex Pegs are designed in and shipped from Australia so you can be confident that you are shopping locally and getting the best quality product. So, why not give them a go and see just how much easier and more enjoyable camping and caravanning can be with Hex Pegs?